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Need to reshape world order

Updated: 2014-08-27 06:59
(China Daily)

Comment on "China, India ties shift to high gear" (China Daily, Aug 6)

For China-India ties to blossom, the two countries have to first resolve their border issues. They also have to help establish a healthy global competitive environment and prevent it from descending into chaos. This will act like a shot in the arm for BRICS, whose member countries can use it to cash in on global opportunities.

Besides, the two neighbors have to respect and help each other meet their security needs. And most importantly, they have to instill confidence in each other about their intentions and actions, that is, they have to play a mutually beneficial role in global politics.

Economy and security are of paramount importance and they have to be properly coordinated for the best results. Perhaps the two countries need to recalibrate their mindsets. For example, they need to recognize the technological prowess of certain countries, and develop technologies indigenously to catch up with and even overtake those countries.

The two countries have to work together to shape a global distribution chain that gives BRICS a central position. They can start by using the Indian Ocean supply chain that runs up to the East China Sea.

BIZTRU, from China Daily website

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(China Daily 08/27/2014 page9)

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