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Rhetoric versus political reality

Updated: 2014-08-26 06:54
(China Daily)

Comment on "US should stop trying to make waves" (China Daily, Aug 13)

I enjoyed reading the article because I happen to be an American who previously worked for a global Chinese oil-related company and recently started a new company serving outbound Chinese enterprises.

No doubt, American politicians seem to doubt China's growth story, continue to play the "zero-sum" game and remain oblivious to the fact that "the rise of China challenges the global rule of America". But then we should not forget some realities about America and Americans.

First is "foreign ignorance". Americans as a whole have very little knowledge about China, so the general public tends to be easily swayed by nationalistic fears. In fact, with decreasing reading levels, more and more Americans are influenced by depthless news whose aim is only to arouse emotions. Americans, by and large, do not realize how integrated our two economies actually are.

Second is "political diversion". Politicians of all countries tend to use "third-party scapegoats" as a means to cover their own inadequacies, and American politicians are among the best at using the "free market media" for that.

And the third reality is the "American economy". The US free market system allows great freedom and offers rule of law for entrepreneurs to operate; yet increasing regulatory pressures are deteriorating the very economic foundation of what forms the basis of all countries' economic growth - small business.

The US' economic stagnation is evidence of its political system's weakness - government hindering the potential of small business. In contrast, the Chinese government's intensified free market reform provides a unique advantage to the Chinese economy, given the large population of the country. Essentially, America's weak economy is like a mirror revealing its own shortcomings, and Americans are not humble or mad enough to turn their attack against their own politicians.

The above facts, perhaps already known, remind us of political rhetoric versus reality.

GREG PASCHALL, via e-mail

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(China Daily 08/26/2014 page9)

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