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Charming art made from everyday objects

2015-11-25 11:08

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

Charming art made from everyday objects

A panda image made of rice by artist and designer Domenic Bahmann[Photo/IC]

An artist has created a series of quirky images using daily supplies.

The series includes an airplane made from carrots, along with an "apple' watch, a panda made from rice and a dog made from eggs.

Domenic Bahmann is a multidisciplinary visual artist and designer living in Australia.

For Domenic, discovering new things ,whether they are silly, funny, clever or ridiculous, is what makes life so exciting.

Domenic said: "Making use of everyday objects in my creations taught me to look at things differently...there is something magic in transforming seemingly mundane everyday objects into something new. It has improved my ability to day-dream and it is a skill everyone can try to practice."

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