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Museum mason

Updated: 2013-05-20 00:45
By Erik Nilsson and Huang Zhiling ( China Daily)

An eccentric tycoon has founded one of the country's largest private museums with the only halls dedicated to the 'cultural revolution' (1966-76) and Kuomintang.

Erik Nilsson and Huang Zhiling find out about Fan Jianchuan's motivation.

Museum mason

Fan Jianchuan's private museum near Sichuan province's capital Chengdu contains sculptures of soldiers. Wang Wenlan / China Daily

Fan Jianchuan's greatest regret is that, after his death, his skin won't be turned into a Han Dynasty-style drum for his museum's visitors to strike - for a fee.

Then, a video projection of Fan would appear. He'd say a few words and dance.

The percussion-meets-choreography concept comes from the ancient tradition of guwu, or "drum dance". The human skin component is entirely Fan's addition.

Fan had his lawyer draw up the documents but ultimately acquiesced to his wife's opposition.

"I'd be proud to continue to make money for my museum after I pass away," Fan says.

"If I were a drum, I could stay in my museum for as long as it's open - at least my flesh could."

The 56-year-old hopes his establishment - one of the country's largest private museums - lasts 1,000 years, he says.

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