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Celebrity TV presenter recognized for charity work

Updated: 2013-08-20 09:06
By Liu Zhihua ( China Daily)

Celebrity TV presenter recognized for charity work

Jin Zhiwen sings charity song 'Xiao He Zhong Guo'

One of Hong Foundation's most creative programs is providing left-behind children with "love bags", which contain items such as books, torches, and most importantly, envelopes and stamps so that children can write letters to their parents.

Additionally, when children send letters to parents with a self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed, parents can reply to them without hassle.

"During my visits to remote areas, I realize that poverty is a big problem for these left-behind children, but the absence of parental care in their life is an even bigger problem," Chen says.

Children's spiritual growth depends on care and love, but caregivers of left-behind children, usually their gray-haired grandparents or relatives, often fail to take good care of the emotions of these children, either because they do not have the awareness, or the intention, Chen explains.

Chinese are shy and conservative in expressing love directly. Letters are a traditional but effective way for children and parents to keep in touch and express love, which they seldom do during their few phone calls, Chen adds.

As part of the "Love Bags Program", Hong Foundation also assists the children to visit their parents.

Last month, together with Xilinmen, a Chinese furniture company, Hong Foundation donated 4,000 love bags to left-behind children in Xunhua, Qinghai province, and nearby counties, as well as bringing 40 children to Beijing, to visit their parents and places of interests.

Most of the children have not seen their parents for years because the long-distance traveling between Beijing and Qinghai is too costly for the migrant workers' families.

"My brother and I haven't seen our parents for three years," says Mian Shenghua, a 10-year-old girl from Xunhua, who was reunited with her parents in Beijing on July 14, together with her younger brother.

"We live with our grandparents, and are very obedient because if we behave well, our parents will come back to us soon.

"I'm so happy to visit Beijing and see my parents. I miss them so much."

But for Chen, it is not enough.

"There are too many people who suffer and need help. I hope Hong Foundation will be able to offer more help and will inspire others to help.

"Chinese culture educates us to be kindhearted to others, and I think deep in our hearts, every Chinese wants to offer a helping hand to those who are suffering," Chen adds.

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