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Official's photos an unusual attraction in Chinese village

2016-04-05 19:33

By (Xinhua)

Official's photos an unusual attraction in Chinese village

Ouyang Feng, left, talks with local residents in the rape-seed fields in Cixi village, Jiangxi province. [Photo/Chinanews.com]

While many people were enamored by the model's classic beauty, opinions soon split after it was revealed that she is a village official who had posed for the photographs as part of a promotional campaign.

Ouyang is deputy secretary of the Communist Party of China branch of Sixi village in Jiangxi province. She said her only wish was to help her village cash-in on the blossom-sightseeing fever that sweeps China this time of year.

"I've come here to take pictures of these flowers for four years now. I love this place and I just wanted to give something back before I leave," said Ouyang, who will finish her official tenure in September.

The village, which has field upon field of rape-seed plants along its river, has reported an increasing number of urban tourists in recent years, all drawn by the floral offerings. These tourists are a new source of revenue for local businesses.

The photo shoot was Ouyang's idea. She understood the power that a good viral advert has in China. She has previously used social media to boost sales of local honey and rape-seed oil.