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China's 'Moon Walker' sends back stunning HD photos

2016-02-02 11:34

By (chinadaily.com.cn)

China's 'Moon Walker' sends back stunning HD photos

The Jade Rabbit rover sets off to explore the lunar surface. [Photo/Xinhua]

High definition images of the moon's surface taken by Chinese lunar craft reveal dramatic photos of its stark landscape. The pictures, most seen for the first time and recently released by the National Astronomical Observatories, were taken by the Chang'e-3 craft and its Jade Rabbit rover.

Chang'e-3 achieved a soft landing on the lunar surface and released its rover in December 2013, making China the third country behind the US and former Soviet Union to gain that achievement.

That success also meant humans returned to the lunar surface 37 years after Luna 24, a Soviet unmanned space craft, landed on the moon in 1976.

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