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Restaurant is almost ready for take off

Updated: 2015-12-28 11:53
Restaurant is almost ready for take off

Firefighting tanks can cross half-meter-high obstacles and spray water as far as 65 meters. ZHANG LIHONG/CHINA DAILY

Special tanks help fight urban and forest fires

Firefighting is deemed one of the most dangerous jobs in modern society. Now the risk is expected to be reduced with the invention of a new kind of firefighting vehicle.

A series of firefighting tanks were rolled out by China's largest land arms producer, China North Industries Group Corp, and they are designed to be used in urban areas and to control forest fires.

With the chassis and armor of a military tank, the vehicles can protect crew members from fire, explosions and building collapses and cross half-meter high obstacles and 2-meter-wide trenches.

They have an automatic spray device and fireproof coating that can prevent scorching heat from spreading inside the vehicle. The vehicles' metal tracks allow them to operate on slopes, in rocky terrain and among the debris of collapsed buildings. And the water cannon can spray water as far as 65 meters.

Compared with fire engines, the tank can get closer to blazes and be used for research-and-rescue missions, the manufacturer said.

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