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Test your figure by touching your belly button

Updated: 2015-06-11 11:28

Test your figure by touching your belly button

Video footage shows the "brother of calmness" enjoying his noodles despite the ferocious gangsters around him.[Photo/Sina Weibo]

Man, unfazed by gang fight, eats noodles calmly

A man in Keelung, Taiwan maintained an incredible calm in the middle of a bloody fight for turf between two local gangs, according to a local media outlet.

According to the video footage from street surveillance equipment, the man was sitting at a roadside table, enjoying his noodles. Moments later, diners started running away when a group of gangsters holding metal sticks and knives occupied the place to stage a turf war.

With a fight approaching, the man continued to sit there, edging his bowl a little to the right to avoid the increasing number of gang members.

His calmness made the police believe he was the leader of one of the gangs, but they later found the diner had nothing to do with the fight which involved more than 40 gang members and injured innocent people, and the only reason he was glued to his seat during the dangerous fight is because he did not want to waste his freshly-served noodles.

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