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Losing Internet connection ranked No 1 'torture'

Updated: 2015-05-07 11:36

Losing Internet connection ranked No 1 'torture'

This photo shows a cloud giving a "Wi-Fi" look in the sky.[Photo from Sina Weibo]

Connect to the cloud wifi

A college student spotted the Wi-Fi symbol in the clouds in Xiangtan, Hunan province, causing a stir on the Internet.

"What if the cloud wifi really worked?! Then I can go to the cheaper restaurant that I always liked. Because it has no wifi, I always went to a neighboring restaurant that is more expensive,"said Sina Weibo user "X_X Jia".

Sina Weibo user @Hunan University of Science and Technology weibo association posted, "Have you connected to the 'Wi-Fi cloud' yet? I'll not tell you what the password is."

The unusual cloud formation is actually called altocumulus, and it's often seen when the sun shines after rain, said the Xi'an Meteorological Bureau.


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