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Footage of Japan's surrender seen in public for first time

Updated: 2014-07-08 15:15

 [Source: CCTV]

A memorial hall in Hunan has, for the first time, released a clip of the original footage showing Japan signing the surrender to end its occupation of China in 1945.

The file footage, running around a minute-and-a-half, has been released to mark the 77th anniversary of the start of the War of Resistance Against Japanese aggression.

The film was made on August 21st, 1945.

Wu Jianhong is the curator of the Memorial Hall in Hunan.

"This is one of the shots taken when the Japanese representative, Yoshio Hashijima, was trying to wipe away his nervous sweat. This is the shot when the Japanese representatives were handing over their diagrams of troop deployments. It is the diagram showing the deployment of the entire 1.09 million Japanese armed forces in China. It was a very important moment and serves as a testimony of the history of the Japanese unconditional surrender to China."

The more than-20-minute-long film was taken by the US representatives who attended the event on behalf of the Allies.

The full version of the film is expected to be released in September.