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Tianjin, a city of taste and joy

Updated: 2013-07-16 22:21
( China Daily)


Haihe River tour

The Haihe River meanders its way through Tianjin and has often been referred to as the "Seine of the Orient." Tourists can boat along the river and take in the beautiful scenery while savoring local snacks.

"The Seine is beautiful, but it feels better to tour around Haihe," said Klaus Schwab, president of Davos Forum.

Jinwan Plaza is a modern, European-styled building on the bank of Haihe River. It also has theaters, cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls, and other types of entertainment activities on offer.

There are 21 bridges over the Haihe River and each constitutes scenic attraction, forming a distinctive bridge culture. Rising over the spectacular Yongle Bridge is the world's largest ferry wheel.

Tianjin, a city of taste and joy

Lights along the Haihe River brighten up the night sky in Tianjin.

Binhai New Area tour

The tour features a vineyard and the Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park.

Tourists can take a boat to go seafishing and enjoy a seafood feast.

They can visit wristwatch factories and breweries to observe the whole manufacturing process and then relax at the Longda Hot Spring Resort, a wellfurnished tourist amenity.

Natural scenery tour

There is also a wealth of natural scenery to enjoy in Tianjin.

The Panshan Mountain is a national scenic spot that is home to forests, mountains and rivers. It's been named one of the top 15 tourist attractions in the country.

The Huangyaguan Section of the Great Wall is a World Cultural Heritage site and has been called "the epitome of the Great Wall."

Qilihai in Tianjin's Ninghe county is the only nature reserve in China with an ancient coast and wetland, and it is famous for its birdwatching, oyster beach and shell bank.

In addition, the city has a tropical plant garden, hot spring resorts and various expo gardens.

Tianjin, a city of taste and joy

Panshan Mountain is a national scenic spot that is home to forests, mountains and rivers.

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