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Predicting Internet's future without a crystal ball

Updated: 2015-09-04 09:03
(China Daily)

How would you define success?

I believe success is more about the inner world. Real success means that your hard work benefits your colleagues, friends and the society. Some may see me as a successful man, but I don't think so.

I am more stressed and work harder than what people imagine. They say I have money but I don't have time to spend my money. Success is doing something interesting with someone you like and making some difference.

How can you ensure that you will not make mistakes?

No one can say for sure that he or she won't make mistakes.

Our success is made out of mistakes. What matters is how to learn from blunders.

We want to publish a book featuring Alibaba's 1,000 mistakes.

But never make fatal mistakes. You should know what you want, what you have and what you have to give up.


Age: 51


1988: Bachelor's degree in English from Hangzhou Teacher's Institute in Zhejiang province


May 2013 onwards: Executive chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd

1999: CEO and executive chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd

1997: Developed websites for the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation

1995: Set up an online information website-the Chinese yellow pages-to help promote Chinese enterprises.

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