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Selling on style

Updated: 2013-07-19 23:58
By Rebecca Lo ( China Daily)

The entry features a three story high waterfall that can be branded with LED lighting in the shape of corporate logos, courtesy of Los Angeles' WET Design.

What makes W Guangzhou's design work is that it all holds together despite the many fingers in the pie — and for this, the designers owe a big debt to Hong Kong's Rocco Yim, who designed the building. Thinking like an interior designer while working on the shell meant that he created a number of "wow" spaces where small volumes open to large, with countless nooks and crannies where guests can see and be seen.

Selling on style

The hotel showcases the designs of some celebrity names.

"It is an urban insertion into the fabric of the city," explains Yim. "It allowed us to explore spaces that are not normally associated with hotels. W is intriguing and invites exploration; it encourages you to come back and find out more."

"Our three core values are about being flirty, have insider access and being an escape — guests come here to be who they want to be," says Starwood branding maestro Paul James. "We set the W story around global trendsetters and create an environment for them to explore their senses. The brand has gone from a New York icon to a global design powerhouse and we'll have over 50 hotels in 2015. W Guangzhou starts the journey in mainland China."

"China is all about the dream," says Liu Weili, Starwood Hotels and Resorts' senior vice president of design and technical services for Asia Pacific.

"Hospitality is a vessel to carry people's dreams. While China is fulfilling its dreams, it is benefiting the world at the same time.

"Guangzhou has a manufacturing base—a dream that people can transform from being a farmer to a manufacturer. Through trade and interaction with the world, the dream gets bigger. W is happening in such a wonderful setting. We want to see this dream continue in a light-hearted, W way. There are already too many serious hotels."


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