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Stellar ants displayed with dignity

2015-05-29 07:16

By (China Daily)

Stellar ants displayed with dignity

Ant sculptures, made of stainless steel and in various sizes, occupy the entrance and exhibition halls at Beijing's Today Art Museum, where Chinese artist Chen Zhiguang is holding his solo show,With Dignity. Photo provided to China Daily

Folk culture is another inspiration for the native of East China's Fujian province. He was born in Xiamen city but grew up in the less-developed Zhangzhou.

His childhood memories are full of seeing performances at old theaters that once provided the only entertainment for people living in the province's towns and villages.

He displays in the museum's parking lot a life-size stainless steel theater stage that passers-by can jump onto and do whatever they like.

The artist humanized some of his ant sculptures by transforming them into "dignified characters" commonly seen in local operas. He presents ants as immortals, with an ant dynasty. There are an ant military commander and even account ants.