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  • No radiation leak at Iran's nuclear plant

    2013-04-15 18:55

    The deputy of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran dismissed as "baseless" the "rumours" about possible radiation leaks at Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) following an earthquake.

  • 13 killed, 150 wounded in Iraq's car bombings

    2013-04-15 15:48

    At least 13 people were killed and some 152 wounded in a spate of car bomb explosions in Iraq.

  • Iran urged to ensure nuke plalnt safety

    2013-04-15 07:33

    The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on Sunday urged Iran to ensure the safety of its nuclear plants after an earthquake hit Iran's Bushehr city last week.

  • Law obstructing Israelis' reunion with Palestinian spouses

    2013-04-15 07:29

    The Israeli Cabinet on Sunday extended by a year a controversial law, which bans Israeli citizens from living in or entering the state with their Palestinian spouses, local media reported.

  • Fresh mortar attack kills 4 in Syria

    2013-04-15 07:19

    At least four people were killed and 20 others wounded on Sunday when mortar shells fired by rebels slammed a pro-government suburb of the capital Damascus, the state media and activists said.

  • Car bomb hits Bahrain ahead of F1 race

    2013-04-15 07:16

    A bomb went off in the heart of Bahraini capital of Manama on Sunday, as the kingdom gears to host the F1 race, police officer told Xinhua.

  • Iran plans to export LNG in future

    2013-04-15 06:52

    Iran has achieved self-sufficiency in the production of liquefied natural gas and will export the product in the future, Press TV reported Sunday, quoting an Iranian deputy oil minister.

  • Abbas accepts PM's resignation: official

    2013-04-14 02:41

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, a senior Palestinian official told Xinhua.

  • Egypt's Mubarak arrives in court for retrial

    2013-04-13 17:18

    Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak arrived in the Police Academy in Cairo's outskirts for his retrial Saturday morning.

  • Turkey passes anti-terrorism law reform

    2013-04-12 15:33

    Turkey's parliament passed a reform of its anti-terrorism laws in a vote late on Thursday, narrowing the definition of terrorist propaganda in line with EU demands that it boost freedom of expression.

  • Obama sees opportunity for Mideast peace talks

    2013-04-12 11:15

    US President Barack Obama said on Thursday that there is "a window of opportunity" for the Israelis and the Palestinians to restart peace talks

  • UN-Syria talks on chemical weapons at impasse

    2013-04-12 07:48

    Discussions between the United Nations and Syrian government on a possible investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria have reached an impasse.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.