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  • Chinese navy ships arrive Hawaii for joint drill

    2013-09-08 00:40

    Three Chinese navy ships arrived at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on Friday morning (Honolulu time) for a visit to the US Navy aimed at building trust and improving understanding between the two navies.

  • Kevin Rudd concedes defeat in Australian election

    2013-09-07 21:39

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd conceded his ruling Labor Party's defeat in 2013 Australian federal election on Saturday night.

  • Afghan forces kill 35 Taliban fighters in 24 hours

    2013-09-07 15:42

    Afghan security forces killed nearly three dozens of Taliban militants over the past 24 hours, Interior Ministry said in a statement released here on Saturday.

  • DPRK top leader meets visiting Rodman

    2013-09-07 13:41

    Kim Jong-un, top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) watched a basketball match together with visiting retired NBA star Dennis Keith Rodman, and held "cordial" talks during dinner.

  • Australia begins parliamentary elections

    2013-09-07 10:44

    Voting booths opened at 8 am local time on Saturday in the eastern states of Australia for voters to decide which party will lead the country in the next three years.

  • ROK widens Japan fish ban

    2013-09-07 10:02

    South Korea expanded its ban on Japanese fisheries products on Friday over fears of contamination from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, accusing Tokyo of not providing enough information on the crisis.

  • ROK, DPRK restore military hotline

    2013-09-06 13:40

    The Republic of Korea (ROK) and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Friday restored a military hotline along the west coast to help reopen the Kaesong industrial complex.

  • Japan to test 'ice wall' for leaking water

    2013-09-06 03:44

    The Japanese government will soon conduct a test to build a frozen wall at the leaking Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

  • 'Ice wall' test at leaking Fukushima nuke plant

    2013-09-05 16:00

    The Japanese government will soon conduct a test to build a frozen wall at the leaking Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, as part of a wider plan to prevent leaking radioactive water flowing into the Pacific Ocean.

  • Samsung unveils smartwatch ahead of rival Apple

    2013-09-05 09:06

    The Galaxy Gear, a wearable computing device from Samsung that looks like a digital wristwatch, is certain to pique much curiosity when it starts being worn in public.

  • Abbott promises to focus on Asia

    2013-09-05 08:51

    Australian election frontrunner Tony Abbott vowed on Wednesday that Asia will be his main foreign policy focus if he assumes office.

  • Building allegations rejected by China

    2013-09-05 02:15

    China rejected on Wednesday the Philippines' allegation that Beijing laid concrete blocks on Huangyan Island in the South China Sea.

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.