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  • Journalist killed in Somalia, third this year

    2014-11-19 14:46

    Gunmen shot dead a journalist in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland, the third killed in Somalia this year, a colleague and the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) said.

  • Cuban doctor tests positive for Ebola

    2014-11-19 14:18

    A Cuban doctor treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone has tested positive for the disease and was being sent to Geneva for treatment, officials said, the first Cuban known to have contracted the potentially deadly haemorrhagic fever.

  • UN hails signing of transition framework in Burkina Faso

    2014-11-18 13:12

    The UN Security Council on Monday welcomed the signing of a Charter for the Transition in Burkina Faso, and called on all the stakeholders in the West African country to "facilitate the commencement of the work of the transitional organs without delay."

  • UN official in Guinea found dead

    2014-11-18 09:44

    The special representative of the UN secretary-general for Ebola emergency response has been found dead in his hotel room in the Guinean capital of Conakry, a Rwandan official said late Monday in Kigali.

  • Embassy role in ivory smuggling 'baseless'

    2014-11-15 17:30

    The Chinese Embassy in Burundi has branded a media report claiming it had conducted illegal ivory trade in Africa as "unreal and baseless".

  • Egypt arrests Morsi loyalists

    2014-11-15 08:58

    The Egyptian police arrested on Friday tens of supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsi over anti-government protests and inciting violence, according to official MENA news agency.

  • Liberian president lifts emergency on Ebola

    2014-11-14 09:14

    Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Thursday announced the lifting of the State of Emergency with immediate effect.

  • Nurse who was Mali's second Ebola case dies

    2014-11-12 19:30

    A 25-year-old nurse who was Mali's second Ebola case has died, the government said in a statement on Wednesday.

  • Pistorius prosecutors file appeal papers

    2014-11-04 20:05

    Prosecutors say they have filed appeal papers against the verdict and sentence in the Oscar Pistorius case.

  • Another doctor dies of Ebola in Sierra Leone

    2014-11-03 22:19

    A doctor in Sierra Leone has died of Ebola - the fifth local doctor in the West African nation to die of the disease, authorities said Monday.

  • Gunmen free 50 inmates in Nigeria prison

    2014-11-03 22:09

    Gunmen armed with dynamites and high- power firearms on late Sunday stormed a prison in Nigeria's north central Kogi State and freed 50 inmates at the facility.

  • Chinese embassy donates money to Somalia

    2014-11-03 10:14

    The Chinese embassy in Somalia on Sunday donated $20,000 to Somalia in an effort to assistant the draught-affected people in the country

  • Group a building block for Africa

    An unusually heavy downpour hit Durban for two days before the BRICS summit's debut on African soil, but interest for a better platform for emerging markets were still sparked at the summit.