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Youth of today in Sudan

2015-06-11 11:23

By (Agencies)

Youth of today in Sudan

A group of young men use a selfie stick to take a picture of themselves in shallow waters known as the first cataract of the River Nile outside Khartoum, Sudan, May 22, 2015. In Sudan, which faces insurgences in the western region of Darfur and along its border with breakaway South Sudan, as well as double-digit inflation and high unemployment, life goes on for young people in the capital Khartoum. As well as studying, for those who can afford it, the urban young of Sudan play football and netball, swim and fish in the nearby River Nile, attend prayers at local mosques and enjoy concerts or family celebrations. Other entertainment includes watching UK football matches and films on TV, with Facebook being ever popular for chatting amongst friends. [Photo/Agencies]

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