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Egypt prez urges no 'political cover' for violence

Updated: 2013-03-25 10:28
( Xinhua)

CAIRO - Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi called on all political forces not to provide "political cover" or legitimacy for violent acts or chaos taking place in the country.

"The Egyptian blood is dear and precious," said Morsi in his opening speech inaugurating a conference on Supporting Women's Rights and Freedoms.

This came after violent clashes erupted Friday between members of Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) group and protesters near the group's headquarters in Cairo, leaving more than 200 people injured.

During his speech, Morsi condemned Friday's violence and sabotage of public and private properties.

"I won't be happy if investigations proved involvement of some politicians in the recent events," Morsi noted.

Morsi underscored that all Egyptians are equal before the law, saying that he is "a president for all Egyptians."

"The violence is not allowed whether committed by "supporters, opponents, policemen or statesmen," he said.

Morsi urged all citizens to maintain self-restraint, reiterating that peaceful protests are the right of all Egyptians.

"I will never allow more bloodshed. If I have to take necessary measures to protect the nation, I will do that, and I am afraid that I am about to do that," Morsi said.

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