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THE WEEK Aug 31: Stilettos race

Updated: 2012-08-31 16:38
By THE WEEK ( chinadaily.com.cn)

Granny should pop bottles

Force granny to drink red wine, and it may help her avoid falling. Could it be true? According to a new study out of Duquesne University, the answer is yes. Scientists gave old mice a special antioxidant found in red wine. Afterward, the old mice could perform on the balance beam just as well as younger mice. That led somebody to conclude that giving red wine to granny may help her avoid a fall that could lead to her breaking a hip.

But how much red wine would she need to make that antioxidant benefit her balance? A whopping 108 bottles each day.

Russians race in stilettos

In what was, in fact, a competition of balance (for humans, not mice), many women in Russia strapped up their super tall stiletto heels and raced their way to a $3,000 shopping card. That doesn't only look difficult; it is very, very difficult – and quite painful. Just walking in high heels can be too difficult for some people.

Deadly performance

Performing in front of crowds is a difficult task. When you fail, you feel like you'd rather die on the spot than get booed off stage. But in this case, the performer actually did die. He was trying to trick people into thinking they saw the mythical beast known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. And he got hit by a car. I think I would attack Bigfoot, too. Let's be honest: Bigfoot does not have the best reputation. But if you learned anything from Jack Link's beef jerky commercials, you may not want to mess with Sasquatch.

This wacky world!

A man in China tried shipping himself through the mail as a romantic gift for his girlfriend's birthday. When she opened the box in front of all of her friends, she found the man passed out and nearly dead from a lack of oxygen.

After ordering her meal at a local burger joint, a woman was shocked to see a discount for "best butt" and "best looking" on her receipt. Funny idea or sexual harassment: You be the judge.

A woman in the US had her nightmares turn into reality. Twice she has woken up while dreaming about drowning to find herself actually underwater in a river near her home. That’s creepy.

This week's best viral video comes from a guy in Russia who decided to be a jerk to everyone around him and film how mad they got.

THE WEEK Aug 31: Stilettos race

THE WEEK Aug 31: Stilettos race
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THE WEEK Aug 31: Stilettos race
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