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THE WEEK Aug 24: Sexy facekini

Updated: 2012-08-24 18:12
By THE WEEK ( chinadaily.com.cn)

Campaign chaos in US

The US presidential election will take place in November. The man running against President Barack Obama is named Mitt Romney. The biggest news recently from Romney's campaign is his decision to name Paul Ryan the vice-presidential candidate. Ryan is a young guy, who has created a stir in the media for his nicely toned muscles. But Mitt Romney made a mistake when introducing Ryan, calling him "the next president of the United States."

No more ninjas, still fighters

Jinichi Kawakami is the 63-year-old head of the Ban clan, a group of ninjas in Japan who have a history of 500 years. He will be the clan's last leader, and when he dies the art of ninjitsu may die with him. Even if there are no more ninjas, there is no shortage of people who try to hurt others with crazy weapons.

Beachgoers turned burglars

If you've been to the beach in China lately, you have been scared when you saw what appeared to be a large gathering of burglars in ski masks. In fact, those people are not criminals, but they're actually beachgoers following the latest trend in China. It's called the facekini. It allows beachgoers to protect their faces from the sun's rays. While people from other parts of the world will go to extreme lengths to get a sun tan, many Chinese will go to extreme lengths for the opposite - to stay fair skinned. But fashionistas beware: Remove your facekini before going into a convenience store.

Devil makes TV appearance

When watching the news at home, you'd probably never expect to see what some people in the US saw. While the network was in between programs, a couple in the US noticed a glimpse of a demonic image flashing across the screen. Creepy, right? And that devil has seemed to have an effect on people, like Today Show host Al Roker.

This Wacky world!

Prince Harry and US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte had a swimming race. It wasn't as serious as when Price Harry had a running race with Usain Bolt. This was at midnight in a hotel pool in Las Vegas.

Oh, and Prince Harry was later photographed naked in his hotel room.

A scientist in the US was found drunk and without pants at the laboratory. But the part is that he had two monkeys out of their cages partying with him.

China hosted its first ever dairy cow beauty pageant in Shanxi. Pretty weird, especially considering eight women in bikinis were forced to model with and even milk the cows.

The best viral video this week is a review of Disney's new movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

THE WEEK Aug 24: Sexy facekini

THE WEEK Aug 24: Sexy facekini
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THE WEEK Aug 24: Sexy facekini
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