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THE WEEK Aug 3: Retired Olympic events

Updated: 2012-08-03 17:05
By THE WEEK ( chinadaily.com.cn)

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Worst victory celebration

The award I give out this week is the first of its kind. This year's award winner of the Best (Actually the Worst) Victory Celebration Ever goes to Tunisian fencer Ines Boubakri.

Retired Olympic events

You'd be surprised to know some of the events that actually did make it into Olympic Games. At the 1900 Games in Paris, one event was live pigeon shooting. Even though those birds are pretty easy to dislike, something wasn't right about the playing field being covered in blood and feathers. There was one-handed weightlifting. And the one that was probably my favorite, at the 1928 Games, there was skjoring, which is basically skiing while being pulled by horses. What would that sport look like if it were hosted in the southern United States?

Biting the hand that feeds

A man in the state of Florida, who is known as Captain Wally, was charged with illegally feeding an alligator after the beast bit off his hand. That's right: The alligator bit off Captain Wally's hand then Wally was charged with a crime. The man gives tours in wetlands known as the Everglades, which are famous for a large gator population. When Captain Wally hung a fish over the side of his boat so his guests could catch a glimpse of an alligator…SNAP! Hand gone and he's slapped with a crime.

This wacky world!

NBC has taken some heat for deciding to play certain Olympic events late rather than showing them live. Apparently the critics were right after a promotion commercial it made spoiled the results of a swimming race.

It sounds like a movie scene: An 8-year-old girl's hamster escaped from its cage, jumped out a window, bounced off a car, began to run, was chased by a cat, which was being chased by a police officer, who was able to catch the runaway hamster under her helmet. Wow.

US presidential candidate Mitt Romney is having a rough week. While reporters asked questions at a war memorial in Poland, one of his aides got pissed off and yelled, "Kiss my ass," and, "Show some respect!" Very respectful, buddy.

THE WEEK Aug 3: Retired Olympic events

THE WEEK Aug 3: Retired Olympic events
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THE WEEK Aug 3: Retired Olympic events
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