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THE WEEK July 13: 18+ on CCTV

Updated: 2012-07-13 14:03
By THE WEEK ( chinadaily.ocm.cn)

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TV debate gets "heated"

A news talk show in the country of Jordan may have produced the best combination of TV and drama in history. While on live TV debating Jordan's political policies on Syria, a member of parliament got pissed off and stated trying to fight. But then it went further. The man was apparently "packing heat" (carrying a gun).

CCTV: Renaissance statues 18+

An incident on Chinese television had Internet users abuzz this week. As China's main news network aired a story about historic renaissance statues on display at the National Museum, one producer thought the nudity on the statues was a bit too pornographic. CCTV actually blurred the images. People fled to China's Twitter-like micro-blogging service, Weibo, to laugh at how prude that was. On the next broadcast later that night, CCTV did remove the blur. So, what was the blur actually hiding?

Teen vs Gator

A teenager in the US called himself lucky after an alligator bit his arm off. Why? He said it could have been a lot worse. While swimming in a river, Fred and his friends noticed the gator. Fred tried to wrestle it and get away. Here we have an interview from NBC2 in Florida.

Male parking only!

Most people would agree that men are risk-takers. They are usually up for a challenge. One mayor in Germany took that idea a bit too far when he decided to reserve specific parking spots for men. He said men like a challenge, and these spots are tough to park in. So he thought the move would attract people to the city to test their parking skills. Someone should tell this guy that some men are too proud and are not always great drivers. This reminds me of when the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, Arturas Zuokas, threatened to destroy illegally parked cars by running them over with a tank.

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This wacky world!

Actor Morgan Freeman claimed this week that Barack Obama is not the United States'first black president. It sounds bad, but Freeman was actually defending Obama against the birthers - people who argue that Obama is not American.

A fish made famous for eating human testicles was found in a lake in the middle of Illinois in the US. The fish is native to the Amazon, so it's a mystery as to how it got there.

Archaeologists in Scotland discovered what people are calling Frankenstein mummies. The corpses are over 3,000 years old and made up of different people's remains.

A 22-year-old girl in the US wrote an article this week saying she's very sad that she was able to get a job, buy a car and rent an apartment so soon after graduation. She said she wants to struggle like every other poor, recent graduate. Her name was Taylor Cotter. And she needs to shut up.

THE WEEK July 13: 18+ on CCTV

THE WEEK July 13: 18+ on CCTV
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THE WEEK July 13: 18+ on CCTV
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