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THE WEEK June 29: Booming breastaurants

Updated: 2012-06-29 16:17
By THE WEEK ( chinadaily.com.cn)

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Booming breastaurants

You've heard it before: Planet Earth is in horrible economic shape with recessions and industries struggling and blah, blah, blah. Well, at least "Blah, blah, blah" is what executives in the "breastaurant" industry are saying. While the rest of the restaurant industry has struggled during rough economic times, the breastaurant industry is booming!

Body painting in Thailand

On the set of Thailand's Got Talent this week, one woman shocked the crowd with her not-so-normal painting skills. Her performance started off like your average audition, but then things took a wild turn. And Thai government officials were not so pleased with the show's producers. Desperation nudity or unique artistic expression - you be the judge.

Nude grocery shopping

At the grand opening of a new grocery store in Germany this week, the store owner offered an interesting deal to attract customers. He offered them free groceries if they stripped off all of their clothes and shopped completely naked. It's cool that he gave away a bunch of free groceries, but something seems weird to me about naked body parts hanging around the fruits and vegetables.

Rock out with Rakhee!

This week our pop-culture and celebrity gossip expert, Rakhee Morzaria, drops some knowledge on us about Paris Hilton failing her latest attempt at fame. And find out about the latest royal gossip surrounding Kate Middleton.

This wacky world!

A passenger on an overnight Kenya Airways flight was forced to sit next to a person who died during the flight. But she was happy to get just half of her ticket refunded.

A Chinese soccer fan died after he apparently stayed awake for 11 days straight to drink and watch the Euro Championships. Talk about a "die-hard" fan.

The mayor of New York City said this week he'd like to publically humiliate taxi drivers who speed. Horrible idea. The latest study shows that paying people for not speeding is the most effective method.

A new study suggests that since the dawn of smartphones, bosses have become more tolerant of workers showing up late to work because they assume their employees are checking their e-mails long before entering the office. That's good news for me.

A special note: Thank you to our dear friend, Rakhee Morzaria. Rakhee's up-beat attitude, hilarious stories and smiling personality brought an extra bit of buzz and life into this show. We'll miss you, Rakhee!

THE WEEK June 29: Booming breastaurants
THE WEEK June 29: Booming breastaurants
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THE WEEK June 29: Booming breastaurants
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