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THE WEEK June 21: King of burps

Updated: 2012-06-21 16:31
By THE WEEK ( chinadaily.com.cn)

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Babies on drugs?

Nope, it's just their shampoo. A study released from the University of North Carolina in the US concluded that certain baby soaps are making newborns test positive for marijuana. Now, there is absolutely no marijuana in the shampoo, and researchers say the babies do not feel any effects associated with smoking marijuana. They're totally baffled!

World Burping ChampionshipsK

Kids love to burp. You may think that burping hobby will die out after childhood, but a new competition may allow kids to take their burping dreams into their adult lives. The first ever World Burping Championships took place this month in New York City. A pizza chef from NYC won this year's championship with a record-setting 18.1-second burp!

Kicking isn't allowed in tennis

In what most people would consider a more honest athletic competition, tennis professional David Nalbandian was disqualified from the Queen’s Championship this week. After losing a point, Nalbandian got frustrated and kicked an advertisement board into the referee's shin. Ouch!

Rock out with Rakhee!

This week, celebrity gossip and pop-culture guru Rakhee Morzaria tells us what billionaire celebrities buy their husbands for holidays. And learn about a new show based on the popular iPhone game Draw Something.

This wacky world!

Feeding dogs beer has been popular among college students and rednecks for a long time. But now it's become legitimate. A woman in the US created the first ever beer for dogs.

What's not so legitimate is a trend in Ukraine where "trainers" get bears drunk on vodka and take them to restaurants and shows as entertainment. The only dancing bear I like is Winnie the Pooh. And just for the record, Ukraine officials are currently working on rehabilitating all of the animals.

Everyone knows pop sensation Adele has a powerful voice, but maybe you didn't know it was this powerful. A young girl in the US awoke from a coma this week after Adele's song came on the radio in her hospital room.

THE WEEK June 21: King of burps

THE WEEK June 21: King of burps
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THE WEEK June 21: King of burps
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