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THE WEEK June 15: Psychic animals

Updated: 2012-06-15 17:58
By THE WEEK ( chinadaily.com.cn)

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Euro 2012 comedy

This year's Euro Championships are underway. Europe's best soccer players are on the field competing for the pride of their respective countries. The talent we witness during this tournament is world-class, so there aren't many jokes to make. But some people still found a way to laugh at Euro 2012.

Psychic animals of Euro 2012

Apparently there are psychic animals that predict the victors of Euro Championship matches. As you may remember from the World Cup in 2010, people trusted an octopus to pick the winners of certain matches. This year, there are a number of "psychic" animals "predicting" the winners - a ferret, an elephant and a hog. So our special correspondent, Conor Lane, hit the streets of Beijing to find out what you think of psychic animals and if we could find any on our own.

Don't puke under pressure

The player's in this year's Euro Championships know how to perform under pressure. That is key when you're a professional athlete. Professional baseball player Chris Perez, a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians, showed exactly what it means to stay calm under pressure. Perez must have been feeling a bit sick during the game, because as soon as he captured the victory for his team at the end of the game, Perez let it all out.

Rock out with Rakhee

This week, our resident expert on pop culture tells us why Madonna's latest concert displayed the aging artist's desperation. And find out why Lindsay Lohan is in the idiot spotlight once again.

This wacky world!

Sweden is allowing random citizens to control its official Twitter page as part of a method to share the country's culture with the world. That's a cool idea until the latest person to be in control began posting ignorant messages about Nazis.

Sketchers is going to have to pay up for telling lies. The company made shoes with weird bottoms and then claimed they would make people have a butt like Kim Kardashian and make you get in better shape. That was obviously a huge lie, but the Shape-Ups are pretty popular in China, so if you have them go collect your money!

A county in California is hosting its annual county fair, but this year the idea is "Out of This World". Literally. It's an alien-themed fair. The area is known for frequent UFO sightings, so organizers are hoping the theme will actually convince some aliens to come visit.

THE WEEK June 15: Psychic animals

THE WEEK June 15: Psychic animals
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THE WEEK June 15: Psychic animals
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