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THE WEEK June 8: Torn pages

Updated: 2012-06-08 17:50
By THE WEEK ( chinadaily.com.cn)

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Spiders attack India!

A town in India is living a nightmare. Thousands of spiders are attacking a northeastern village called Sadiya. Reports say the spiders are extremely aggressive and will jump at people, bite them and hang on to their skin. And, just to make things worse, they are poisonous. Scientists don't know what kind of spiders they are or where they came from.

Fake dog news

Media reports this week that a dog in the Chinese province of Shandong gave birth to a healthy litter of kittens. To anyone with a brain, that story is obviously untrue, as was a similar story out of Cambodia back in 2002 and another one in China in 2006. But, just to make sure this was untrue, I did some research into the possibility.

Zombie week

Last week, we told you the story of a man in Miami who attacked another man by eating his face. That was just one of five stories last week that involved humans eating humans. But the worst part of all was when some idiotic kids in Miami decided to dress up like a zombie and pretend to attack people.

Graduation Grumble: Torn pages

We take a look as high schools around the country become disaster zones. This week, high school students in China are taking the college entrance exam, which will determine the university that they will attend in September. Preparing for the exam is intense work, so to let loose the stress before hand students gather on campus and tear all of the pages out of their books. The scene is pretty unbelievable.

This wacky world!

A student in the United States skipped a day of school to see President Barack Obama give a speech. So Obama sent a note to the kid's teacher to excuse him from class. Republicans will probably say Obama doesn't care about education.

A former professional baseball player said this week that he would vote for the devil before voting Barack Obama. That is really meaningful political opinion.

A child in India decided to swallow a live fish to amuse his friends, but instead the fish got stuck in his lung. Doctors did emergency surgery because the boy was struggling to breathe, but both the boy and the fish are still alive and well.

The most painful and exciting competition is underway in Britain. - The Shin-Kicking World Championships. Forget the Olympics. These guys are the true athletes. Not.

THE WEEK June 8: Torn pages

THE WEEK June 8: Torn pages
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THE WEEK June 8: Torn pages
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