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THE WEEK May 18: TV vs reality

Updated: 2012-05-18 12:28
By THE WEEK ( chinadaily.com.cn)

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Reality TV romance

Reality TV is the best and worst thing to ever happen in this world. On the popular show Dancing with the Stars, celebrities are paired up with professional dancers to compete each week with sexy, smooth and romantic moves. But this year, two of the show's contestants have a romance that's continuing off-screen. This is the dancer's second time having a relationship with another member on the show. The first one ended with a failed engagement. We fully expect this one to fail, too, because if reality TV has taught us one thing it's that TV romance almost never works out.

Terror on TV

While filming a segment for Tails from the Outdoors Show, the two hosts were caught off guard while fishing. A 40-pound barracuda fish jumped onto the boat! Freaky! But I consider them lucky after seeing this video.

Not quite dead

A 28-year-old Egyptian man was thought to have died from a heart attack. When his family and friends gathered for his funeral, a doctor came to sign off on his official death papers. But during the check, the doctor found the man's body was curiously warm. She eventually was able to revive the man and bring him back to life. And his mom, who was watching, fainted and also needed to be revived. Now, there's no video of this exact event, but I imagine it looked something like this.

'Tanning Mom' isn't so funny

It's easy to make fun of people who go to tanning booths and end up getting too dark, but the story of this woman wasn't so funny to police. After a 5-year-old girl complained to the school nurse that she was sunburned after tanning at a salon with her mom, the mom was arrested. Since then, she has had an action figure modeled after her and is the subject of late night comedy shows. Why, you may ask.

This wacky world!

Justin Bieber confessed to GQ that he has had "a beer". Not only is that illegal because of his age, but he's just so small. I wonder how much he needs to get drunk.

The design for London's Olympic Tower was released this wee, and the sight is "awkward", according to the man who created it. Still, he says, people will eventually start to like it.

A judge in the US is forcing a criminal to read for one hour each day. His crime? Selling a grenade launcher to undercover police. Not too bad of a punishment.

Have you ever lost your iPod? Your watch? Worry no more, because a tattoo artist can now implant one into your body. He did it to himself just this week. I wonder how he charges that thing.

THE WEEK May 18: TV vs reality

THE WEEK May 18: TV vs reality
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THE WEEK May 18: TV vs reality
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