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Updated: 2014-04-05 07:59
( China Daily)

What are your expectations for Chinese soccer?

I hope China can be one of Asia's first-class teams some day and keep that status for the long haul. If some day people talk about China's national team, I hope they can say, 'Oh China, I know, a very strong team in Asia'.

What should be done to achieve that goal?

Almost every party involved should look over the part it plays. Media should not exaggerate wins and losses because one article in a newspaper can mislead so many. To fans, please keep calm and give the team more time. For players, I think they should face the reality and learn to turn their stress into positive energy.

Coaches should learn to really manage the team and dedicate their lives to their careers. Officials should know what they have to do and what they must not do. It all requires a systematic approach.

What is your soccer dream?

My dream is simple and clear: to find a place where I can make full use of my knowledge and experience. I think you know what I mean by 'a place.' Yes, I want to be the head coach of a Chinese Super League team in Shanghai, my home town, and fight for the city's pride.


(China Daily 04/05/2014 page12)