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Japan builds see-through public loo

Updated: 2012-04-13 16:44
( chinadaily.com.cn)

A transparent restroom has been built in Ichihara, a city in Chiba Prefecture of Japan, local media reported.

The outdoor restroom covers about 200 square meters and has a toilet standing inside a glass structure. Flowers and trees have been placed outside the room to offer a nice view for people using it.

Japan builds see-through public loo

A transparent public restroom is built in Ichihara, Japan, April 6, 2012. [File photo]

However, people do not have to feel embarrassed about using the toilet, as the surrounding glass will turn fuzzy after a person steps into the room, as the power is connected by sensors on the floor.

According to the designer, the toilet is aimed at calling for the habit of hygienic use of public toilets, as the glass will become clear again after people leave the room, exposing the state of the inside to the public.

The public toilet cost local government about $122,000.

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