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No reason to end 'golden era'

Updated: 2016-08-03 07:20
(China Daily)

No reason to end 'golden era'

Hinkley Point A and B nuclear power stations are seen behind the site where Hinkley Point C nuclear power station will be constructed in Bridgwater in south west Britain, in this file photograph dated October 24, 2013.[Photo/Agencies]

China and the United Kingdom were due to sign contracts on Friday for their cooperation on the construction of the UK's planned new nuclear power plant, but the UK government suddenly announced it would make a decision in the autumn on whether the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant would go ahead.

As this came soon after Teresa May became the new UK prime minister, it has been suggested that she could be reconsidering the UK's cooperation with China, and the "golden era" for China-UK relations might already be coming to an end.

But there is no reason for May to curb her country's relations with China. The two countries have ideological differences, but that has nothing to do with their friendly relations and there is no pressure on May to make more of the ideological differences.

On the contrary, the UK is rather isolated in the wake of its decision to leave the European Union, so it may want to strengthen its economic ties with China.

As the UK's prime minister, May must serve the country's interests whatever she might think herself, and there is no reason for her to cool her country's warm relations with China.

The reason for the new UK government suspending signing the program could be that the new government is just taking time to carefully consider the project. This is a big infrastructure decision and it is appropriate that the new government takes the time to make sure they are fully informed.

Now it is the beginning of August, months before autumn arrives. We hope May and her government will be efficient enough to get to grips with all aspects of the project and realize that it is sound and in the best interests of the UK.

For that reason, we also expect the new UK government to be a strong propeller of cooperation with China.--Global Times Chinese Edition

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