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Quality of Made-in-China goods key to improving trade figures

Updated: 2016-01-16 10:01

Besides improving the core technology, we need to pay more attention to the protection of Intellectual Property Rights, improve ways to “detect and prevent counterfeit products from reaching the marketplace, and intensify the crackdown on the sales of fake products online in China.

Second, to increase the brand awareness of products made in China. Much of the worth of any company lies in the value of its brands. Brand awareness is an important metric of brand value. Brand awareness measures the degree that a brand is positively associated with an organization, product or service. China’s export trade is not to focus on one series of goods, rather than to aggrandize the added value of products by building up the good reputation of Chinese brands and optimizing the guide service sector.

Meanwhile, the Quality Supervision Department should take actions to strengthen the supervision and control over product quality, to improve product quality, to define the liability relating thereto, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and to safeguard the social and economic order. In the beginning of last year, many Chinese tourists rushed to Japan to buy the toilet seat cover made in Hangzhou, China, which has attracted attention from home to abroad. It demonstrates that China has the capacity to produce high-quality goods, on the other hand, the production quality standard in China still lags.

China has a vast territory, with abundant natural resources and diverse types of land resources. What makes us proud rests not only in the colorful Chinese culture and technology, but also the spirit of craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation.

As President Xi Jinping made an inspection tour to Chong Qing in southwest China few days said, the country's emphasis next year will be on supply-side reform, or a package of supply-side policies to release new demand and boost new productivity. In brief, in order to boost the China’ export trade, China should not only transfer the production methods and widen the trade channel, but also improve the quality and guide service of goods made in China.

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