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Odd-even rule is not best solution

Updated: 2014-12-11 07:45
(China Daily)

Comment on "Odd-even rule best for Beijing traffic" (China Daily, Dec 4)

The author of the article is right, but only to a certain extent. If you look at other cities across the world which too have millions of cars, you will notice their difference with Beijing: their air quality, if not salubrious, is acceptable.

The heavy industries, polluting factories and coal-fired power plants in areas surrounding Beijing are responsible for most of the city's pollution. Making toxic emissions from these factories environmentally friendly will cost huge amounts of money and could have a negative effect on the country's GDP for some years. But it is the only realistic way of reducing pollution to an acceptable level.

Imposition of road space rationing will help reduce pollution indeed. But it will also prevent many people from realizing their dream of driving their own cars, which has become even more important now that it is extremely difficult for many to realize their other big dream of buying an apartment. A strict regulation on car purchase is already in place in Beijing. Is there a need to put another burden on car owners?


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