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Feeding vanity is not saving face

Updated: 2014-12-03 07:40
(China Daily)

Face is very important for many Chinese people, and saving face is mostly related to money. Many Chinese people, especially those living in big cities, are stressed, not because of work but vanity.

In big cities some people love parties and like to discuss and compare their salaries with others. But those earning less think it would be a loss of face to reveal their real incomes.

And there are those that are obsessed with brands, spending huge amounts on luxury products despite not earning fat salaries. They do so because they want to show off, which they think will help them maintain their social image.

Luxury goods don't mean anything. It's okay to buy them if one can afford to. But it's unnecessary if they take up a huge part of your income. If people really care about face, they should save their money and use it on meaningful things, such as their families. We don't have to give in to vanity to save face.

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