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Hero lost his way in social glare

Updated: 2014-11-12 09:21
By Wu Dandan (China Daily)

Comment on "Young hero of '08 quake stands trial" (China Daily, Nov 4)

The degeneration of a hero is always lamentable. But the answer to why Lei Chunian turned from a hero into a fraud could be found in the excessive social honors and rewards he was showered with. The sudden media glare and fame blinded him to reality, and an immature mind became a victim of luxurious lifestyle.

Despite being a mediocre student, he was exempted from taking the entrance exam of a key middle school. This prevented him from realizing how hard an ordinary student has to work to get admitted to such a school.

Could it be said that he was given the message that there is a shortcut to everything? The publicity gave him fame, but robbed him of his innocence. He took everything for granted, and started believing that being a hero he deserved superior treatment and benefits.

Without having to struggle and face the hardships associated with a normal teenager's life, he was offered the red carpet. How could he not become arrogant and indifferent? Lei was pampered in the greenhouse of social indulgence, and eventually got lost in the mesh of adulation and attention.

Honesty and courage make a hero; undeserved praise and care create rouges. With Lei degenerating from a hero to a rogue, I'm reminded of the saying "a loving mother always spoils her son". Excessive social care and attention might have corrupted Lei's mind, but still he should indulge in introspection and vow to put his life back on track, if given a chance.

WU DANDAN, via e-mail

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