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Move to slay Hydra of corruption

Updated: 2014-10-30 07:56
(China Daily)

Comment on "Private clubs targeted in fight against graft" (China Daily, Oct 28)

Corruption corrodes the foundation of society, including its economy. It is like the many-headed Hydra of Greek mythology which grows two heads for every one that is cut off. It took none else than Hercules, in Greek mythology, to slay the monster.

But these are different times. No Hercules inhabits this world of ours which is overburdened with greed. So, to slay the Hydra of corruption, one needs not one but many warriors like Hercules. And since the battle against Hydra has to be fought on many fronts, only the strict implementation of regulations can achieve victory.

And among those regulations is the one prohibiting private clubs from operating out of historical sites, parks and other public facilities. The regulation will help eradicate corruption because it will prevent corrupt officials from indulging in extravagant lifestyle at the cost of public money.

Private clubs that include high-end restaurants, spas and hotels have become the breeding grounds for corrupt activities, which have evoked strong public resentment. And officials who enjoy the luxurious services offered by such establishment have become the target of public ire.

It is thus in the fitness of things that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, the country's cabinet, have issued the regulation to end this criminal waste of public money. Hopefully, this will help slay the Hydra of corruption and make society a better and more harmonious place.

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