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Use high-tech properly

Updated: 2014-06-17 09:03
( China Daily)

If you see a group of people wandering in a street with their heads down, don't panic. It's not zombie apocalypse. They're just obsessed with their smartphones.

Undeniably, the little device in your pocket makes a big difference in life. It wakes you up in the morning, keeps you entertained whenever you feel bored, makes your work efficient and brings the world closer to you. In this age of information, the smartphone keeps you updated so that you don't fall behind. And as technology continues to advance, it is making what were considered impossibilities possible.

Smartphones have created a sense of belonging. An increasing number of people today feel lonely. Most people that we call friends are not the friends that we really want. Only your phones are your friends, for keeping you permanent company.

But the companionship, friendship, community built by smartphones are all illusions. You may have hundreds of contacts in your phone and hundreds of friends on Facebook, yet it is highly possible that none of them really know you.

Smartphones cannot perfect or ruin one's life. There's no completely right or wrong about using a smartphone. There's only appropriate. So smart people should embrace new technologies but should also know how to use them properly.

TROFHY, from China Daily blog

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