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Beware of the Abe-Obama plot

Updated: 2014-06-05 07:49
( China Daily)

Japan's bloody and barbaric invasion and occupation of countries in the Asia-Pacific region (including Australia's Darwin) before and during World War II and its attack on Pearl Harbor in the United States rank among the most criminal acts in the history of the mankind.

Now Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is desperately trying to create a situation that could lead to a violent confrontation (even war) in East Asia in order to contain China. And surprisingly, Abe is being helped by Barack Obama, president of the US that was attacked by Japan in 1941, in his designs.

Obama and Abe are not ready to see a more progressive China, especially because it is growing as a military power even though it is far from being equal to the US. Economically, China will surpass the US within the next 10 years while Japan will slide to the third or fourth spot in Asia once India and Indonesia get their acts together.

To stop that from happening, the US and Japan are trying desperately to create a new war front in East Asia. The recent "kidnapping" of Chinese nationals by Philippines' policemen in China's waters and the anti-China riots in Vietnam bear the "fingerprints" of Obama and Abe.

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's recent remarks that Washington had helped maintain seven decades of peace in the Asia-Pacific region weren't bright at all, because he intentionally forgot that the US fought an all-out war for two decades in Vietnam that ended in its defeat about four decades ago. The criminality and ferocity of that bloody war, which claimed the lives of nearly 2 million people and left another 2 million wounded, are unparalleled.

AA@EDWARD, from China Daily website

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