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Save our children from rote learning

Updated: 2014-06-04 07:56
( China Daily)

It was interesting to see so many adults celebrating Children's Day. It seemed as if they really believed that childhood was the best time of their lives. If that is indeed so, why do so many adults ill-treat children?

Nowadays, parents, teachers and school authorities join hands to deny children their right to play and force them into rote learning. Do these grown-ups realize that rote learning is a stupid way of education? Children should grow up in a way that will help their overall development, and playing outdoors is part of that growing up.

Most of the children who can recite entire text books without a hitch lack creativity, which could prove tragic for them and harm China's potential economic growth. Without creative talents, there will only be made-in-China and never created-in-China products.

HAHAHA, via e-mail

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