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The tragic side of online fad

Updated: 2014-05-21 07:09
( China Daily)

Comment on "Escape from the vortex" (China Daily, May 10)

Though no longer young in years, I strive to keep up with the latest technology, gadgets and trends, and enjoy using the Internet to full advantage. But, perhaps thanks to my maturity, I have not been sucked into the vortex of needing to be online 24X7.

How sad is it to sit physically face to face with people (not just teenagers, who might be forgiven this behavior) who prefer (not need, which is different) to spend time virtually with "friends", random celebrities, online games or even the latest news flash rather than interact with real people sitting close to them? Is their fear of exclusion, lack of self-worth, existential inner isolation to blame? Or are the mundane people in the room just too boring? It's a saddening, I would say, sterile situation.

I am so happy to be able to access the world instantly via the Internet. But I'm happy too not to feel a compulsion to do so all the time. My thanks to you, a communications professional, who recognizes the virtue of not communicating online now and then, for your insightful assessment, succinctly expressed.

I hope the trend, like "selfie", will fade with time, or possibly mature into something better.


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(China Daily 05/21/2014 page9)