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Ban students' phones in school

Updated: 2014-04-02 08:31
( China Daily)

Some say cellphones are a very nice learning tool, which can be used to help facilitate the learning process. However, as an educator, I find cellphones are a negative distraction and feel confident in stating that the traditional classroom methods are better than studying on the Internet.

Cellphones as well as computers are very helpful in searching for some study related information. However, those students who take phones into the class do so not for study but for fun. They are likely to be playing games or chatting on the Internet when the teacher is lecturing. This type of behavior presents two problems: missing the information given in the class and disrespect to the teacher. And it is obvious that ringing phones during class, as well as talking on the phone during classes can be disturbing.

Lastly, cellphones can cause physical problems to students, as well as be a financial burden. For example, some experts say those who spend so much time on the small screen may get headaches, neck and upper back problems, and become shortsighted. Since cellphones are not a must and may even do harm to the students, they should be banned in schools.

WANG FENG,, via e-mail

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