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Updated: 2013-11-18 07:01
( China Daily)

The Third Plenums in 1978 and 1993 introduced major reforms that were pivotal to the country's development over the past 35 years. The 18th CPC Central Committee convened its Third Plenary Session on Nov 9-12 to discuss major economic and social issues. What issues concern you most? China Daily cellphone readers shared their views with us:

My main concern is financial reforms. The low interest rate on deposits reflects the fact that the public is actually subsidizing enterprises. The slump in the stock market has also restrained investors' confidence. And the reasons for the soaring housing prices are partly to do with the limited investment channels. I hope the decisions at the Third Plenum push forward interest rates liberalization and improve the capital market. A healthy capital market is an important source of citizens' property incomes, and it is also a manifestation of the Chinese Dream.

Skywatcher, Beijing

I am keeping a close eye on medical reforms. My major is biomedical engineering, focusing on medical instruments. China's medical system has a lot of room to be improved. Ordinary people still find it difficult to receive medical treatment since catching a cold can cost hundreds of yuan for a check-up and treatment. I hope healthcare reform can bring about measures for improvements in the medical system.

Mohunjian, Tianjin

My concern is the education system. The competition among countries, after all lies in the cultivation of talent. Education is conducive to the development of both individuals and society. I hope that the government will increase the investment in education, attract more importance to reforms of the elementary and secondary education curriculums, and bolster the development of vocational education.

Another important reform area has to be higher education. Fresh graduates face a tough time landing jobs. This is mostly because education in colleges has derailed from what the market wants. Although higher education was meant to enlarge recruitment in the hope of meeting the demands of the market, the curriculum design, management systems, as well as faculty and facilities, still lag behind.

Wangxiaoqiu, Tianjin

I am keeping an eye on how the income gap will be reduced. It's widely acknowledged that the income gap is an important factor that determines social stability. We need to care about those on low incomes by improving the policies for the distribution of subsidies.

Changyu, Yantai, Shandong province

As a young graduate, my main concern is house prices. Applying for bank loans will become even more difficult in the future. With an ordinary salary, buying a house seems an unattainable goal for me. I hope the government can issue flexible policy support to handle high house prices.

Mignon, Hengyang, Hunan province

The reform of household registration is top of my concerns. Take Shanghai for example, I have been living here for 10 years with a steady job, but I still cannot own the local hukou because of the strict household registration policies in Shanghai.

Holly1208, Shanghai

The one I care about is reform of the family planning policy. We should relax the family planning policy by allowing couples to have a second child. Being a single child is so lonely. Think of the pressures of a young couple who both come from single-child families, they have to take full responsibility for looking after their four elder parents.

A Reader, Shenzhen, Guangdong province

I'm anticipating reforms to improve environmental protection. China's environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. The heavy air pollution across a host of Chinese cities is getting on people's nerves. I hope that the government can divert more attention to the environment by introducing measures to prevent and treat the environmental problems.

Xiaoxiami, Fuzhou, Fujian province

(China Daily 11/18/2013 page9)

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