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Updated: 2013-11-12 07:27
( China Daily)

All at risk from smog

Comment on "Report highlights smog effects" (China Daily website, Nov 5)

The report's result doesn't surprise me at all. It's obvious to everybody, even the kids, that heavy smog in many places in China leads to negative effects on citizens as well as society. But the report let people know how wide the heavy air pollution has spread in China, and how tremendous the heavy air pollution's negative effects are.

As the report says, the frequent smoggy weather is likely to cause extreme climate incidents, hinder traffic due to low visibility, and badly harm people's health. The cost of air pollution that China has paid, is paying and will pay in the future is uncountable, because many negative effects will appear gradually over the long term rather than at once. For example, air pollution leads to many severe chronic diseases and will harm the human reproductive system. It means in the future we will pay a lot for the damage that air pollution is doing to people.

The seriousness of air pollution should draw the attention of every one in society, especially related officials. Policymakers who care about short term profits should read this report and consider the significance of air pollution management to this country.

Shen Xiaoyan, via e-mail

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(China Daily 11/12/2013 page9)

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