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Updated: 2013-07-18 08:17
( China Daily)

SCO on the right path

Comment on "SCO FMs meet to promote cooperation" (China Daily, July 14)

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is on the right path, because it is trying to strengthen cooperation, exchanges and interactions, especially on the social front, among member states with an eye on their core interests and integrity (such as collectively recognizing and defending every member state's borders and territorial integrity).

Of course, terrorism still poses a major threat in the region. But sustained prosperity, backed by stronger cross-border cooperation, should reduce that threat. Therefore, measures should be taken to improve the living standards of people in the region. Russia, too, will look forward to playing an appropriate economic role to make a difference. But everything will depend on how effective a plan SCO member states agree to.

Biztru, on China Daily website

Economic slowdown is not bad news

Comment on "Economic slowdown 'due to rebalancing'" (China Daily, July 16)

People should change their views on the so-called economic slowdown in China. Rapid economic growth is always welcome, but we should ensure that it is healthy and steady. A car traveling at high speed without a brake is always dangerous.

GDP-oriented economic development has cost us a lot in terms of people's health, a well-balanced economic structure and the environment.

People have to decide whether an unfettered economic growth is good in the long term for China and the Chinese people. If a slight slowdown in economic growth can effectively rebalance the economy, we should accept and adapt to it.

Mo Qihua, via e-mail

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(China Daily 07/18/2013 page9)

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