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Reasons for delayed flights

Updated: 2013-07-16 10:24
( China Daily)

Comment on "Beijing has world's most delayed airport" (China Daily, July 11)

I am a frequent flyer, taking a flight at least once a week, and have suffered because of airline delays for years. So I'm not surprised by the survey of 35 airports that says Beijing and Shanghai have the worst departure record. I have had to spend hours at the two airports because of delayed flights.

Flight tickets cost more than train or bus tickets, but still many people pay the extra amount to take a flight to save time. So if flights are delayed, the extra money an air passenger pays goes to waste. Relevant authorities should take measures to improve the situation.

To my experience says that flights are delayed because of many reasons - inclement weather, for example. But it's unreasonable to complain when a flight is delayed, because it could be for the safety of passengers.

So, as passengers, we should try to understand the problems faced by the airlines. Perhaps they decide to delay a flight only after running out of all options to keep to the schedule.

Mu Lingling, via e-mail

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