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Updated: 2013-03-11 07:59
( China Daily)

Doubts over education reform

Comment on "Homework rules begin new easier term" (China Daily, March 7)

It is good to know that Beijing education authorities will take measures to ease children's burden at school. But as a former student, who has been part of China's education system for almost 20 years, I doubt whether the measures will work.

The new policy will ban mid-term examinations for primary school students. Students in Beijing's primary and middle schools will have no or much less homework to do. Some schools have even started "homework free days" to let students spend their leisure time on their hobbies. But the question is: Will the students really feel relaxed?

Of course, students will not have to worry about final exams. But the fact that all students have to take the national college entrance exam to get a seat in a college has not changed. And given the tough competition to get admitted to a college, parents will not let their children relax. This means many students still have to do homework, though not be given by their schoolteachers, and could be forced to attend more extra classes after school.

Therefore, we can talk about easing students' burden only if when the exam-oriented education model is changed.

Shen Xiaoxu, via e-mail

(China Daily 03/11/2013 page10)

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