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Eateries introduce good policy

Updated: 2013-01-31 07:25
( China Daily)

 Comment on "Rewards for diners who leave nothing" (China Daily, Jan 29)

I'm glad to see restaurants introduce a policy to reward diners who do not leave food on their table. This can encourage people to avoid wasting food. I support the nationwide campaign to eliminate the culture of wasting on food, not only because it has become a big problem in China but also because it is important to save food.

Chinese people are very hospitable and generous, but they have developed the bad habit of ordering excess food just to show respect to their guests. Many a time, even people dining out with their families feel ashamed to take home the leftovers for fear of being labeled stingy.

This unhealthy dining culture should be eliminated. People should be encouraged to order what they can eat and avoid wasting food. Moreover, China is a country with a huge population, and a large number of people in the country still live in poverty. Everybody should value the food they get. And I hope people stop wasting food for the sake of all human beings.

Sally, via e-mail

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(China Daily 01/31/2013 page9)

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