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Updated: 2013-01-07 07:42
( China Daily)

Perhaps 2012 was a year of regrets for you. Perhaps you couldn't fulfill all your goals last year. But 2012 is past, and perhaps the new year will be one of surprises and joy for you irrespective of the inherent challenges. China Daily's mobile phone readers share their experiences of last year and their hopes for the new year:

My mother stays in my hometown taking care of my naughty child, and I'm too occupied with work most of the time to talk to her over the phone. Sometimes, I even have to work overtime over the weekends. But I promise to fulfill my filial duty this year. I will call my mother regularly and visit her whenever possible to spend more time with her this year.

A READER, Suzhou, Jiangsu province

I was betrayed by someone close to me last year. But I did not go into depression. Instead, I am more mature and have a better understanding of life now. I hope I can welcome the new year with a brighter heart and broader mind.

A READER, Beijing

The rumors about doomsday occurring on Dec 21, 2012, proved to be just that, rumors. I expect my child in February 2013. Hopefully, everything will go on smoothly and my country will prosper further and my people will be at peace.

A READER, Dalian, Liaoning province

The year 2012 was tough for me. I woke up very early every day and stayed up till late at night to study for my postgraduate entrance exam. The days were spent either studying in the lounge or doing exercise. Looking back at 2012, it was a year of more tears and sweat than laughter. But whenever I used to feel weak, I encouraged myself by saying: "I can almost see it my dream coming true." I wish every examinee to succeed in life.

A READER, Shanghai

I always resolve and usually succeed in putting happiness before money. This stream of thought will continue to be high on my agenda in 2013, too. I will also try to master the foxtrot, the tango and one or two other ballroom dances in which my feet tend to take great delight in trying to outwit me. Finally I will always try to maintain my sense of humor, laugh at life's downs and enjoy life's ups and continue to be grateful for all the good things that have happened to me.

BRIAN, Beijing

(China Daily 01/07/2013 page9)

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