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Handwritings and symbols found at Emperor Liu He's tomb

Updated: 2016-11-01 11:35
By Bi Nan (chinadaily.com.cn)

Handwritings and symbols found at Emperor Liu He's tomb

Experts examine the inner coffin of Liu He's tomb in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, May 9, 2016. [Photo/IC]

The site of Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24) Emperor Liu He's tomb recently offered new findings as the archaeological work has entered the stage of dismantling the outer coffin. Archaeologists have found numerous handwritings and symbols at the bottom of the outer coffin, according to Nanchang Evening News.

Liu He (92-59 BC), who was later given the title "Haihunhou" (the Marquis of Haihun), was the grandson of Emperor Wu, the greatest ruler of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220), one of the most prosperous periods in Chinese history.

Handwritings and symbols seen at the coffin bottom

The main coffin chamber of Liu He's tomb has been dismantled since September, and now the third level of the tomb is under extraction and dismantling. Crosstie and charcoal will be extracted later, which may reveal remains of sacrifices or other relics.

Archaeological expert Yang Jun said that they found handwritings and some symbols on the coffin and their meanings are still unknown, but archaeologists guess it marks the information of the coffin, such as the size and origin. Yang revealed that the dismantling work will last for two months. Archaeologists will number each piece of coffin wood, which will be recorded, photographed and scanned before dismantling. After that, experts will excavate or dissect the tomb bottom for two months. The dismantled coffin wood will be dehydrated, undergo insect and pollution proofing and restored to the original position after the excavation work.

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